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4 vital things to include on your website

A website should be part of any businesses online strategy. Websites greatly increase your online presence, give you credibility, and ensures you can pop up for searches in your local area.

Your website is an extension of your business, where you can provide an existing or potential client everything they need to know about you. This includes things like the services you offer, your pricing, your story, your team, and more.

Today we are going to go over the vital things that you should have on your businesses website.

1. Branding

Your branding will make up the foundation of the website. This includes logo, colours, fonts, and imagery. This ‘sets the scene’, ensuring your website is clean and cohesive.

Your website is the perfect place to utilise your branding to help your business stand out amongst the competition and make it recognisable.

Without a proper brand direction, your website will lack character and not be as powerful to increase your online visibility as it should. If you dont have a quality logo or branding setup, this would be your first step!

2. About Section

This is an opportunity to connect with your customers and tell them about you, and your business. Every business has a story, and customers love a story!

3. Services

It is really important to outline the services and/or products that you offer to help customers understand how you can help them. Price lists and price guides can also be ideal to include for many different small businesses.

Be sure to showcase pictures of the product or service you are selling to give people an idea of what it is like to be a customer of your business. For service based businesses, this can be pictures or videos of you completing these services, and the end result. (E.g. a hairdresser showing pictures of the hair they have done on clients)

4. Booking Link and Contact Details

This is one of the most important parts of a website, and what will allow you to convert a website visitor into a client! Ensure you clearly state the ways customers can get in contact with you! If your clients can book an appointment online for example, then this should be linked or integrated onto your website.

It is also handy to have a contact form people can fill out on your website that will get sent straight to your email, and then you can get in touch with them from there.

I need a website for my business. Where do I start?

A website is one of those things that can leave you feeling lost. How do I get one? Should I build one myself? Should I have a professional make one?

When it comes to a website, there are two main options.

Build one yourself, or hire a professional web designer.

There are many platforms available to build a decent looking website yourself. However these take time to learn, which I don’t need to tell you as a small business owner, is something you most likely do not have time to do!

The result is almost never as good as having a professional website designer create a custom website for your business. You can almost always tell the difference between a DIY website, and professionally designed website. Then, you still have to mess around with domains, hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and everything else in between, some of which you may not have any idea about, and rightly so.

Here at SocialTrek, we are a digital agency that specialises in branding and website design & development.

We can design and build a custom website for your business, taking care of the process from start to finish to deliver you a beautiful website to boost your online presence.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a free strategy session!

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