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Why your business needs a strong online presence, and how to create one.

Nowadays, as we know, potential customers are looking online when they are looking for a particular product or service.

With google search, websites, and social media, customers can (and want to) find out everything they can about your business before they step foot through the door.

They want to see your work, what you offer, what your environment is like, how much you charge, the hours you are open, and what other customers have had to say about their experience – and the list goes on. Most businesses will have their Facebook and Instagram set up and posting content to reach new customers.This is the first step, but to really have a solid online presence, it is important to cover all bases. 

This is the difference between a decent online strategy and a well-rounded one. These steps are how to ensure your business maintains a really good social strategy, and it starts with venturing beyond social media itself.


One of the most important factors nowadays to truly stand out from the crowd and have a recognisable business is to have quality branding. 

What is branding? It is the perception of your business – who you are, the look, feel, and vibe. It is a customer’s first impression of your business, so you need to make it count. Branding can be customised to suit the type of business you are, as well as your target clients. For example, an old school barbershop, or an ultra trendy bar.

Your branding is brought to life starting with a quality, unique logo designed with your look, feel, and overall vibe in mind. This is then paired with a colour palette using selected colours to add to the feel someone gets when looking at it (classic, modern, quirky, etc). It is also important having a brand font that typically gets used in your logo but on any other marketing material: website, social media posts, business cards, price lists, etc. 

This is what makes up your branding, and should be used not only online, but also physically at your business, for example on signage. By creating quality branding, the consistent use of this across all platforms will ensure you stand out online. Having a professionally designed logo & branding for your barbershop or hair salon makes a world of difference compared to a homemade logo, and makes your salon appear so much more professional. Getting a graphic designer to create a custom branding package for your salon is what you need to effectively do this.


With the rise of social media, sometimes your website can be left behind, or not even considered at all. However, a website is really important for businesses. This is because many potential customers search on google for places in their area. So if you don’t have a quality website, you are missing out on popping up in these search results in your area.

Your website is an extension of your business and is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do. It is like your own platform – you have control over how it looks and functions and what is on there. By using your branding, you can have an amazing looking website that compliments your brand. Your website should have everything clients need to know about your business, such as your story, services or products you offer, client testimonials, booking info, contact details, pricing, as well as links to your social media. 

It is worth the investment to have your website professionally designed and make it sure it gets done properly. 


Your social media is the perfect compliment to having quality branding as well as a website in place. This is where most businesses already do a great job of posting their work and gaining exposure. Posting pictures and videos of your work, as well as your environment will put the icing on the cake for a potential client who is looking for the service you offer.

Your socials are best monitored and maintained by the business itself. Outsourcing may seem convenient but social media works best with authenticity – coming from within your team.  

By approaching your businesses online strategy with the steps above, you will have a much more well – rounded strategy that increases your online presence, making you one of the most appealing businesses in your area.

In addition to using  social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, ensuring you have solid branding and a quality website for your salon will increase your authority, credibility, and make you stand out.

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